Our Services

We oversee the entire process, from sourcing, creative development to shipping.

We introduce, manage and do quality control; responsibly meeting and exceeding social and environmental standards, as legislated, throughout Asia and beyond. 



  • Capacity Building and Continuous Improvement
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Upstreaming Raw Material Sourcing Conflict Materials
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Security and Brand Protection
  • Social Accountability


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Part of our service includes oversight and maintaining lasting relationships with your manufacturer. 

Our quality control staff and merchandisers frequently visit factories to ensure completion of your product while maintaining the highest quality in terms of standards, timeliness and specifications.

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Relationship Management

We remain your single point of contact between you and the end suppliers. 

Our local staff ensures clear understandings on business practices in both Asia and Western countries. Our experience ensures smooth negotiations through cultural barriers and any conflict management thereon.

Our goal is to make certain all parties achieve a positive outcome.


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Order Management

Our skilled team is supported by both an ERP and collaborative Project Management software to ensure timely delivery, whether a sample or large scale supply chain goods our proven systems keep you advised at all times on inventory information, vendor and customer databases, order processing records, billing, payments, and general ledger information. Project Management is collaborative with our client with live project updates at all times.


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Domani has extensive retail experience and keeps up to date with the latest trends. Our merchandising team can assist you with developing modern and fashionable product designs, packaging, retail or Point of Sale displays. Our merchandisers coordinate with our own or third party design team to effectively create a stand-alone product or a whole product line. They can conduct market research on your behalf and help determine the most effective methods to sell and promote your product category.



Design / Brand Management

Our teams can analyze and take into account your target audience when developing your product or packaging to help meet your customer’s expectations and satisfaction. We can coordinate your branding strategy across multiple suppliers, on both production and printing, to enable a strong brand consistency.

When it comes to design, we conform to your company’s branding and aesthetics. We can take your existing designs or brand guidelines then apply them to new products in a way that is both “inline” with your brand image and direction. Domani’s experience extends across a multitude of categories and we have developed several “in-house brands” to support.


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Our professional logistics staff can optimize a steady flow from point of origin materials to the point of consumption to meet your explicit needs. We will oversee transportation bookings, deliveries and local customs clearance, warehousing, consultation, and the organizing and planning of these activities, globally.

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Quality Assurance

Our approach to quality is, Quality Assurance, meaning: We work with the factories so the right product is produced the first time versus discovering a mistake at the time of shipping.

Domani’s management team regularly visits our suppliers and directly oversees the quality of all our clients’ products. We have many years of experience working with quality factories in China and other Asian countries to maintain maximum excellence and costefficiency. On October 1, 2015 we proudly introduced our new Inspection Services, offered through our QA department, seamlessly arranged through your merchandiser. For details, please request a copy of our Inspection Program Guide.

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