Product Development

We develop the best products for our clients.

1 Consultation

When developing a product or category, you may not necessarily have access to all the information available concerning product production. We draw on our past experience to help enhance your product in ways you may not have considered. For example, we may suggest alternative materials that are more cost effective, durable, malleable, etc. saving headaches long before the prototyping stage.

2 Identifying project parameters

From the consultation, we will create a project workbook of detailing the requirements, our involvement in the process (i.e., not limited to but including competitive bidding), and the measures for risk assessment.

3 Assigning a Project Management Team

Domani’s team has brought many products to life and will be your personal guide throughout the process. Your merchandiser is fully supported with a management network to keep your projects moving forward and products safe.

4 Design Proposal

Our team will help refine and mold the design into a working model via computer-generated renderings. We can offer design solutions to accommodate the project’s parameters, and help in the creation of artwork/output files.

5 Assigning a Project Management Team

We will help source and procure the most effective supply chain for your product. Competitive bidding combined with supplier assessment is an ongoing process to determine which supplier meets your requirements the best.

6 Manufacturing

Our team will develop your standards with the supplier to create prototypes and further refine the product to its final form. We will also work with our design team on the packaging, always keeping you/your representatives advised on timelines, in real time.

7 Quality Control

Our approach to quality is, Quality Assurance. Meaning, we work with the factories so that the right product is produced the first time, versus discovering a defective product at the time of shipping. Our Domani management team regularly visits our suppliers and directly oversees the quality of all our clients’ products. We have many years of experience working with high quality factories in China and other Asian countries, thereby promising maximum excellence and cost efficiency.

On October 2015 DGS introduced its new ‘Inspection Services,' offered through our QA department, seamlessly arranged through your merchandiser. For details, please request a copy of our Inspection Program Guide.

8 Organizing Logistics

We will create timelines, delivery schedules, and have your order packaged and shipped in a timely fashion to meet deadlines. We can also assist you with import and export duties, process transactions through international customs departments, and deliver directly to any of your designated global destinations.