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We oversee the entire process, from sourcing, creative development, to shipping

The Domani Story

Domani has been involved with international trade since the early 80’s, beginning with the exporting of converted paperboard products to Asia, (manufactured by KCH Industries, a company established by Mark Kraus). In the mid ‘80’s Mark recognized opportunities in importing to the United States and called on his customers in Asia to begin sourcing for his largest customer at that time, Target. KCH was one of the first vendors on a well known launch, “Restore and Restyle,” the first major “fashion-at-a-price” concept served as a platform for the Target chain we see today. Mark successfully sold KCH in late 1998 and established Domani in 2002.

Scott Silver brings 25 years of US retail market experience to Domani - Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Linen N’ Things - as well as multi-billion dollar companies such as Welspun India Ltd and the French-based Groupe SEB. His exemplary proficiency in merchandising, product development, productivity planning, and organizational design has contributed significantly toward the growth of multi-billion dollar franchises and can assist new ventures into developing successful sustainability within the US market.


Domani Today


Working offshore presents challenges for many. Our goal is to make it simple for our clients; easy and fun being the keys. Domani’s focus is to make sure our clients are purchasing top quality product, efficiently, at competitive prices from factories that are socially and environmentally accountable. Overseeing the entire process, from creative development to shipping, Domani is a single pivot point for many North American and, now, Australian, Asian and EU clients who otherwise would need to work with several businesses to cover the needs of off-shore manufacturing. We play multiple roles, we’re many things to many people. Domani acts as an overseas Agent or, Importer, depending on the needs of the client. Also, as DomaniAmerica (www.domaniamerica.com), we assist companies on each side of the Pacific to make the crossing.

Today, Domani has established relationships with some of the best known retailers and importers in North America, Europe and Australia, with successful multi-million dollar programs.