Finding China’s Diaper-Making Province

Need help in finding a factory to produce diapers? Read below.

Need help in finding a factory to produce diapers? Read below.

Diaper production has evolved immensely since the 1940s—the decade that saw the birth of the disposable nappy. The necessity of a convenient and water-proof sanitation system for babies led the inventor (the resourceful mother of Westport, Marion Donovan) to craft the “Boater,” a waterproof covering for cloth diapers out of her shower curtain in 1946. This clever contraption (which would later be considered a “godsend” to parents all over the world) served as the beta version of what we call “disposable diapers” today (The History of Diapers, 2017).

Flash forward to the 1960s – 1980s, a time of space-driven technological advancements that affected even the most mundane aspects of modern life. The disposable diaper, for one, got a major upgrade when the Chinese inventor Tang Xinyuan invented a super absorbent polymer that could absorb 1400mL of urine in a spacesuit (Baby Diapers Suppliers, 2017). Up until the, disposable baby diapers had been constructed (first) out of tissue, and then out of cellulose fibers (The History of Diapers, 2017). The invention of the “super absorbent polymer” was then smartly applied to diapers and, voilà! The disposable diaper as we know and appreciate it today was made (Disposable Diaper, 2017).

Now that the background of our subject has been set, we can discuss how to arrive at finding the best manufacturer for your future production of baby diapers.

The three factors you will need to consider in locating the geographical location of a potential factory are:

1) The economic history of the area

2) The availability of key resources in the chosen area

3) The strength of manufacturing expertise of the area

When Domani Global Sourcing set out to find the ideal factory to work with in China, we considered all of the factors above and decided on the province of Fujian. Here’s why:

Fujian has a formidable economic history of dealing with foreign trade due to its coastal location. By choosing Fujian as a place to do business, our company would not have to be pioneers in establishing trade, which would therefore yield more time and energy for us to conduct our business (Fujian, 2017). In fact, the business of manufacturing in Fujian is already so formidable that Quanzhou (the biggest city in Fujian) is known as being a factory city for manufacturing export items for western countries.

The province of Fujian is known for producing paper and petrochemicals (i.e., super absorbent petrochemicals). Knowing that these key resources are readily available within Fujian, it only follows that the highest production of baby diapers (and similar sanitary products) are produced in the area (as revealed through a search on (FujianQuanzhou, 2017).

Of all of China, Fujian has the highest concentration of baby diaper manufacturing factories, thereby signifying a strong expertise in the manufacturing of baby diapers. This fact was established through a thorough investigation of the location of factories of several famous brands, such as Pampers, Huggies, Merries, as well as smaller brands such as Fujian Panda Diaper (Baby Diapers Suppliers, 2017).

In conclusion, when deciding where to find a baby diaper manufacturer in China, we settled on Fujian province because it proved to be the ideal area for trade, key resources, and production expertise.

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